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We are consumer centric in everything we do. Our commitment to sustainability and engineered craftsmanship means that we are thoughtful in both design and function.


Collaborate with us

Got an idea? Need help scaling a prototype design? Need a partner not just a manufacturer? These are all things Moderncraft can help you with. We offer a wide variety of services all the way from design to scaled manufacturing and global distribution; and almost everything in between.

Concept-to-Delivery Partner

With our proprietary ideation and development process, you can rest assured that we have thought of nearly everything and are able to offer you in-house solutions for prototyping, product design scaled manufacturing, and scaled deployment across markets around the world.


How to Get Engage

At Moderncraft, our dynamic team has industry-leading expertise in smart textiles, from design to manufacture. We help you strategically enhance your offering so that it has a profound, global impact.

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