I-THERMIC, a High-Tech midlayer from ODLO, Twinery and Clim8, Honored with 2019 CES Innovation Award





Author: Twinery
Publish Date: 9th November 2018

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LAS VEGAS, Nov. 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — One thing that stands between dedicated Alpine skiers and their sport is the layers of bulky clothing necessary to stay warm. A new collaboration between ODLO, Clim8 and Twinery provides an intelligent heating performance midlayer that gives people zero excuses not to enjoy their winter activities. The product, I-THERMIC, has been honored with a prestigious 2019 CES Innovation Award.

ODLO, a pioneer of functional sportswear; Clim8, the most advanced intelligent thermal technology; and Twinery, the innovation arm of MAS Holdings, teamed up to create I-THERMIC, which leverages patent-pending, intelligent active heating technology.  Years of development has enabled Twinery to integrate heating technology at the yarn level, providing the user warmth in a safe, durable, stretchable, breathable and washable garment.

I-THERMIC is powered by Clim8’s intelligent technology and platform, which powers heat with a lightweight battery which regulates and maintains the user’s comfort according to fluctuations in skin and activity detection using a smart algorithm. The partnership between ODLO, Clim8, and Twinery brings to market the safest, most advanced active heating technology available, giving wearers full control of their personal micro-climate without bulky layers.

I-THERMIC provides warmth during periods of inactivity, such as time on the ski lift, and regulates the temperature as the body warms up during rigorous activity. The warmth provided by the garment allows skiers to shed layers, enhancing their mobility, while maintaining a comfortable temperature.

I-THERMIC uses Twinery’s newest knitting technology to integrate conductive elements into the garment seamlessly while maintaining a lightweight, stretchable quality. The material is fast drying, with great hand feel and a perfect fit for active wearers.

“I-THERMIC allows users to stay active and remain comfortable during their winter activities, without having to remove or add layers of clothing,” said Timo Pape, Brand Director, ODLO. “We are extremely proud to see this collaboration honored with the 2019 CES Innovation Award.”

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Born in Norway and engineered in Switzerland, ODLO offers performance sportswear across 6 categories: functional sports underwear, running, training, cycling, Nordic disciplines and outdoors. With over 70 years of heritage, ODLO, the inventor of performance sports underwear and the three-layer principle, continues to innovate to stay ahead of the game and is now distributed in over 35 countries. As a year-round performance brand, ODLO also continues to show strong commitment towards social and environmental sustainability and is proud of its leader status at the Fair Wear Foundation.  For further information, please go to: www.odlo.com

About Clim8
Founded in 2016, based out of France, the company leverages its technological and scientific expertise to build the next generation of active-response thermal wearables. The technology monitor, analyze, activate, and regulate temperature on the wearer’s skin. The platform empowered by native apps and IA allow the most advance and personal heat technology. For more information please visit: www.myclim8.com


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