DuPont launches smart garment for FC Barcelona


January, 2019

Innovation In Textiles




Author: Innovation in Textiles
Publish Date: 10th January 2019

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DuPont Advanced Materials, in partnership with Twinery, the innovation arm of MAS, and Real Track Systems, a leader in outdoor and indoor performance monitoring and analysis, have launched an innovative smart garment made exclusively for FC Barcelona.

Using the company’s Intexar technology, the smart garment integrates reliable ECG and respiratory rate measurements. DuPont Intexar is an innovative electronic ink and film that seamlessly transforms fabric into smart clothing for multiple applications.

This technology is designed to offer ease of design and integration, embedded directly onto fabric using standard apparel manufacturing processes. The Intexar product line includes a set of unique, compatible, and stretchable inks and films that enable comfortable, durable and washable smart garments.

Seamless and comfortable

“At DuPont we spend a lot of energy bringing innovative materials to market. Intexar is a great example of this, taking advantage of stretchable electronics to deliver seamless comfortable smart clothing. What we are really excited about in this new industry is how DuPont connects with partners down the value chain to create a vision, build commitment and deliver innovation to the end consumer,” said Gordon Tseng, Regional Marketing Leader, Asia Pacific, DuPont Advanced Materials.

“With DuPont’s broad background in circuitry design, processing know-how, engineering mechanics, system integration and textile innovation, we know how to work together to deliver industry ready solutions.”


As the source of innovation for MAS, the largest apparel and textile manufacturer in South Asia, Twinery is home to over 50 disruptive technologies across materials, lighting, heating, odour protection, and aqua-repellency.

Developer of WIMU, the system chosen by elite teams globally, Real Track Systems has a global footprint from its offices in Andalucia, Spain and partners with the world’s leading sporting organisations and federations in football (soccer), basketball, handball, hockey, cricket, and more.

DuPont Advanced Materials is a leading innovator and high-volume supplier of commercially available electronic inks and compatible substrates for a broad range of printed electronic applications. The growing portfolio of DuPont Advanced Materials electronic inks is used in many applications, including forming conductive traces, capacitor and resistor elements, and dielectric and encapsulating layers that are compatible with many substrate surfaces including polymer, glass and ceramic.


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